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A remembrance...

One year ago today, I tried to go for a walk with my father, the strongest man I ever knew. But sitting in his wheelchair hurt him too much, so I brought him back to his room.

One year ago today, I lent all my strength to the strongest man I ever knew, as he struggled to shift from his wheelchair to his hospital bed, unable to support an ounce of his own weight.

One year ago today, the strongest man I ever knew fell asleep and, try as I might, I couldn't wake him to say goodbye before I went home for the night.

And one year ago today, I went home, unaware that I would never spend another moment with him, able to ask all that I wanted to ask, and tell all that I wanted to tell.

I'm endlessly grateful that after being estranged for over 20 years, we reconciled and got to know each other. That my in-laws suggested Rayna and I wed locally, as it led to us doing so at a time my father could be there, as opposed to the intended date four months after his passing.

And I'm grateful that I was able to share with him that I loved him, and that I received that love back...which was all I ever wanted.

Tomorrow may be one year since his passing, but I didn't see him that day. And for the last 365 days, I've missed him every minute of every hour that's gone by.

The strongest man I've ever known is gone, and there's precious little strength left behind.

Rest in peace, Dad.


iTunes Genius...

...is bloody brilliant! Most of the time, anyway. And I can't help but think that its failures stem not from the program itself, but from the limitations of my music collection.

I sense an acquisition binge coming on...

Got any tunes that move you? Groove you? Tell me about it. And don't worry about the genre... my tastes tend to reach pretty far to most extremes.

I eagerly await your input.

- Chase

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Just wondering if anyone has any use for an internal LG CD-RW burner drive. Free to a good home. It's well used, but is in perfect working condition as far as I know.

If you're interested but saying to yourself, "It won't fit in my laptop" or "There's no room in my desktop case," be aware you can buy an external case that will connect to any computer via USB.

First response gets it. If you're in the GTA, I'm sure we can meet some place. If not, I can ship it from work to anywhere in Canada (sorry, Nicole!)

- Chase

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Four hours of sleep for a Monday morning does not make for a happy day. :( I'm exhausted already and it's only 8:30am.

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Saturday recreation

Spent the day goofing around, playing video games. Much needed mindless activity. Heading to a party with friends tonight, many of whom I've not seen in a long while and am looking forward to seeing again.

Tommorow brings random apartment tidying, and other recreational activities.

Posted by ShoZu

...stupid thing cut me off

...and be there for someone the way they were there for Dad.

And apparently I need to keep these mobile posts brief. Damned character limits... maybe they'll fix that with an update.

Anyhow, catch ya next year. ;)

- Chase

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I have an App on my iPod that allows me to write posts offline and then automatically posts them when I hit a Wi-Fi. Who knows, my wife may be right after all and this may simply be my annual poke at LJ... or this may get me posting. My previous announcements about how I'd found a way to post easier were obviously bullshit, so I will make no such claim here.

I'm looking at going to college again. This time, I think I'm ready for it. The plan is a Nursing program, and I'm thinking I'd like to eventually end up working in a cancer care ward/facility/thing. I know the nurses in Ward "X" (where X represents the one Dad was in upon his return to Guelph) were responsible for his... early departure... but the nurses in Ward "Y" (where Y represents the one he was first admitted into, before they transferred him to Hamilton) were wonderfully kind and caring and giving and friendly, putting everyone at ease.

I think I'd like to be able to provide that kind of tender care, and be there for some

Posted by ShoZu

This is a test...

Testicles, 1, 2... 3?!?

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Alive and well

So it seems I'm now a bit better equipped to read LJ, so I'm making a renewed attempt to do so. I won't write much just now, but I wanted to make a minor announcement of my intention to return to LiveJournal. So hello! :-)

- Chase


Yoinked from many...

I haven't seen this weeks episode yet (downloading it now), so no spoilers!!

Heroes memeCollapse )